What are crowdfunded funerals?

You may have seen the posts before.

You are scrolling down your Facebook news feed and you see a post saying that someone needs help paying for their family member’s funeral.

These posts mean two things.

The first: someone you may know just lost a loved one.

The second: this person is asking for money to help pay for the funeral and other related expenses.

Why does crowdfunding a funeral happen?

Crowdfunding funeral costs can happen when people are not financially prepared for the expenses related to the death of a loved one, especially when the death is unexpected.

Situations like this happen every day.

There are websites that specialize in crowdfunding, sometimes just for funerals.

How to help pay for your funeral

One way to help protect your family is by buying a term life insurance plan.

Term life insurance can help give your family members the financial support they may need if you passed away. It can provide them with money to help pay for your funeral and burial, travel costs and other expenses.

A policy can help your loved ones pay for these expenses.

Term life insurance can also be used for much more than just funeral expenses. It can be used to help pay for a mortgage or rent, start a child’s education fund or pay for personal debts.

Your beneficiaries, such as your spouse, children or parents, have the freedom to use the money any way they see fit.

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