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Learn a better way to save money for your final expenses

How would your loved ones pay for your final expenses if something happened to you? It’s a difficult but important question to ask.

If you’re preparing for the unexpected by putting money into a low-interest savings account, your family may not get the financial coverage they need to pay for your funeral. Buying a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy may be a more effective way to protect your family from funeral costs that you leave behind.

The average adult may have thousands of dollars in debt when they pass away. These costs may include the following:

$7,181Median cost of an adult funeral1
$15,706Average credit card debt2
$8,700Average medical debt3

Would your loved ones be able to afford your funeral costs if you passed away? Could they afford to lose some or all of their inheritance if your outstanding credit card and medical debts exceeded the amount available in your estate to cover such debts?

Also, if your spouse is a joint account holder on your credit card, they could be responsible for any remaining credit card debt when you die.

Each day, people call James Cordero, a sales manager for TZ Insurance Solutions, looking for an affordable way to prepare for these situations.

Cordero said the funeral is usually the most difficult and unexpected final expense for families who have lost a loved one because most people are unfamiliar with the associated costs.

While family members are generally not responsible for the debt left behind by a loved one when they pass away, his clients worry about which family member’s inheritance might be forsaken in order to pay their leftover debts.

If their son or daughter or wife had to pay for that by surrendering any inheritance, it could be crippling for them.

Compare prices for life insurance coverage

How life insurance can help

Life insurance can provide affordable financial protection for those who rely on your support every day. It helps guarantee that your loved ones will be covered if anything happens to you in the future.

“It’s hard enough dealing with the loss of a loved one,” Cordero said. “It’s even worse when you have to deal with the loss of a loved one and you add a financial burden on it.”

A guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy will provide your beneficiaries with a lump sum of money that they can use to pay for your final expenses, any co-signed consumer debt, or any other expense.

Without life insurance coverage, your loved ones might have to find an alternative way to pay for these expenses. Cordero said some of his clients have been forced to sell their personal assets or use community fundraising to pay off debts shared with loved ones who pass away.

Savings accounts vs. life insurance

Cordero said that many of his clients believe their loved ones will be protected as long as they add money to a savings account. But this can be a risky plan. He said that he and many others try to save, but they don’t succeed.

“When the time comes and you really need the money, you won’t have the coverage when you need it,” he said.

Buying a life insurance policy can be a more efficient way to financially protect your loved ones rather than adding money to a savings account.

Standard savings account interest rates are currently at a historical low. This means that the money that you add to the savings account may not increase in value quickly.

For example, consider that you plan to set aside $10 each month for your family. If you deposit that money into a standard savings account, you would only have $240.15 saved up after 2 years.

On the other hand, you could buy a life insurance policy, and for that same $10 a month4 you could have $2,000 to pass on to your family.

Life insurance perks

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance offers life insurance protection for your entire life. Your coverage will remain active as long as your premiums are paid.

For example, a $25,000 guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy can provide your beneficiaries with the funds to help pay for your funeral, debts shared jointly with loved ones, or other costs. You can even get life insurance coverage to help pay for smaller final expenses or to leave behind an inheritance. Coverage amounts range from $2,000 to $25,000.

You can buy a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy starting at less than $10 a month.5 No medical exam or health questions are required to apply.

Another perk is reliability, according to Cordero. He said it is better to have a whole life insurance policy, rather than a term policy, because your premiums and coverage amount will remain the same, regardless of age or future health changes.

“You know what the fixed cost is month in and month out,” Cordero said.

Compare prices for life insurance coverage

How do I get a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy?

Once you find a life insurance type that fits your needs, it’s important to compare prices from multiple insurance carriers.

One company that offers plan comparisons and free quotes is works with many of the nation’s top insurance providers, some of which offer guaranteed acceptance life insurance. Licensed insurance agents can help you shop between these providers and get the policy that is right for your final expense needs.

Getting covered is simple. You can apply for coverage in less than 10 minutes and may qualify for same-day approval.

You can start by filling out the quote form on this page or calling the licensed insurance agents directly at 1-888-350-4651.

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    1 Median cost of an adult funeral with viewing and burial, according to 2014 statistics provided by the National Funeral Directors Association.

    2 According to 2015 Federal Reserve statistics and other government data compiled by NerdWallet.

    3 According to 2012 findings from America’s Debt Help Organization.

    4 Rate shown is for a 50-year old female seeking $2,000 in coverage for a MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance policy. This product has a graded death benefit during the first two years.

    5 Rate shown is for a 50-year old female seeking $2,000 in coverage for a MassMutual Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance policy. This product has a graded death benefit during the first two years.

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